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Are you trying to clear your land, only to discover overgrown trees, bushes, plants, and shrubs with giant roots? You've been meaning to get to them, but you just haven't had the time to and now it's out of control. Don't worry, our trusted local land clearing company provides Hydro-Ax services. A Hydro-Ax is an overgrowth grinding tool you need to get the job done in a fraction of time.
Clearing land overtaken by thick tangles of plants, overgrown trees and bushes, or shrubs with deep root structures can be challenging. However, one tool in particular is designed to help carry out this task quickly: the hydro-ax. For questions, call us today at 281-706-5616.

What is a Hydro-Ax?

Simply put, a hydro-ax is a unique tool used for removing trees and other thick vegetation from overgrown property. The machine essentially works like a giant shredder. A single-brush mower attachment is mounted on a tractor; this attachment can be raised to the height of small trees and brought down, turning the trees and underbrush into mulch in the process. For larger trees, the hydro-ax can be used to first fell the tree by chopping the trunk, then turning the felled tree and stump into mulch. What's more, the hydro-ax works quickly, clearing land 10 time faster than would be possible by hand.

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Understanding the Best Applications & Hydro-Axing Capabilities

The power of the hydro-ax is clear: it can act as an all-in-one tool, removing trees and underbrush and instantly converting it into mulch, while allowing for precision. These characteristics make the hydro-ax perfectly suited to a number of jobs.

  • Remove Specific Tree Types. Throughout Texas, cedar trees are a nuisance; they have heavy water requirements, choke out other trees, spread quickly, produce high amounts of pollen, and are unappealing for cattle. The hydro-ax is capable of targeting specific trees, so it can clear out just the cedar trees on a property, leaving the other trees and vegetation intact. In fact, it can target any tree, removing only the type you want gone from your property.
  • Cutting Hike & Bike Trail, Walking Path, or Horse Riding Trail. Hydro-axing is also well-suited to cutting trails for riding, walking or biking. Since the hydro-ax can cut both trees and underbrush, an entire trail can be cleared in minutes, with a soft mulch layer left behind to make the trail look clean and defined.
  • Clearing Land or Perimeter for Fence Installation. Clearing an area to put in a new fence line is simple using hydro-axing; as much space as is needed to place the new fence can be cleared while the rest of the surrounding vegetation is left undisturbed.

The fact that the byproduct of hydro-axing is mulch can also provide highly beneficial applications. Clearing out overgrown underbrush and trees can help improve the health of the remaining vegetation by increasing the amount of water, light and other nutrients it receives; the mulch produced by hydro-axing further increases this benefit by acting as a protective layer, keeping the soil cooler and more moist and protecting key nutrients.

Hydro-Ax Clearing vs. Traditional Land Clearing or Underbrushing

If you're trying to decide whether you need an underbrushing service or hydro ax mulching, you should learn the difference between them. The hydro-ax is a precision tool, designed to help remove specific trees and thick vegetation that are unwanted while leaving desirable plant life intact. There are certain situations where traditional land clearing or underbrushing is a better choice than hydro-axing.

When Hydro-Axing is Not the Best Choice

  • Preparing Land for Building Construction. If land needs to be cleared to prepare a site for construction of a building, hydro-axing is generally unsuitable. That's because this method of removal leaves root systems intact, and root development can damage foundations.
  • Clearing Dense Wood & Heavily Forested Areas. Because of its mulch byproduct, hydro-axing is also best-suited to clearing less dense areas (less than 25 tons or approximately 100 trees per acre); more heavily forested areas typically require another method.

Still, for many applications, hydro-axing offers a quick and environmentally-friendly way of clearing out overgrown trees and underbrush.

What Can Our Hydro-Ax Contractors Do?

A hydro-ax can quickly remove thick vegetation, sticks, tree branches, leaves, and bushes and turn them into mulch in minutes. Here's a breakdown of what you can do if you rent a Hydro-Ax or have a Hydro Ax contractor help clear your overgrown vegetation:

  • Shred thick tree branches into mulch
  • Grind trees into mulch
  • Shred unwanted underbrush into mulch
  • Clear your land 10 times faster than you could by hand
  • Provide usable mulch for your landscaping and garden
  • Help you lower your carbon footprint

While it's an amazing invention, Hydro-Axes is basically a portable wood chipper and can still be dangerous if used improperly. That's why you need a professional like one of the Hydro-Ax contractors from Apex Site Work & Land Clearing to clear, chip, and mulch the overgrowth for you. Give us a call to rent a Hydro-Ax or get a Hydro-Ax service consultation and estimate in Houston, Texas.


Hydro-Axes were created in 1965 when a young inventor from Minnesota realized mechanizing a process to clear the rights of way for power lines would be much easier than doing it by hand. He created a single-brush model mower attachment to get the job done faster than ever, and, to no one’s surprise, it took off like wildfire. Since 1965, the Hydro-Ax brand has spread far and wide. In 2006, Prentice purchased the Hydro-Ax patent.

The Hydro-Axes we use are made to the highest standard. Do you want to learn more about this powerful underbrush clearing tool? Call 281-706-5616 to speak with Hydro-Ax contractor in Houston, Texas.