Spruce Up Your Property in Houston, TX


Does walking through your property feel like walking through a jungle? If so, you’re probably a great candidate for underbrush cleaning. The landscaping pros at Apex Site Work & Land Clearing offer expert underbrush clearing services for home and business owners in Houston, TX. Call 281-706-5616 today to schedule a time for our pros to clear your property.

What is underbrush cleaning? 3 benefits of using this method.

Underbrush clearing is a less intensive version of land clearing. Unlike traditional land clearing, we won’t demolish anything and leave you with only bare dirt on your lot. Instead, we’ll clean up thick entanglements of growth to leave your land looking healthy and lush, but not too overgrown. Schedule an underbrush clearing today because:

  1. It can make your property look more attractive to visitors.
  2. It can boost the value of your home.
  3. It’s quick—your property will look 10 times better in a few hours.

Our brush clearing services involve a combination of mowing and Hydro-Axing. Contact Apex Site Work & Land Clearing to schedule a walk-trough of your property before we get started.