When you want to prepare a piece of property for development or construction, you need an experienced demolition contractor to handle the work. Apex Site Work & Land Clearing offers site clearing services to make sure your land is ready for building. Our operations involve:

  • Removing vegetation, trees and obstructions
  • Hauling away debris
  • Leveling land
  • Laying down access roads
  • Digging trenches for utilities
We want to make sure your property is ready for construction as soon as our work is finished. Call 281-706-5616 today to schedule a free consultation about your site clearing requirements.

We offer efficient, professional service

The rate of clearing depends on the terrain, number and density of trees and the status of the soil and underbrush. Our goal is to provide efficient service to make sure the preparation is completed on time. Contact Apex Site Work & Land Clearing for land clearing services in the Houston, TX area.