Houston Hydro-Ax Mulching Contractors – Rent or Leave it to the Experts

Are you trying to clear your land, only to discover overgrown trees, bushes, plants, and shrubs with giant roots? You’ve been meaning to get to them, but you just haven’t had the time to and now it’s out of control. Don’t worry, our trusted local land clearing company provide Hydro-Ax services. A Hydro-Ax is an overgrowth grinding tool you need to get the job done in a fraction of time. Either rent one and DIY or let our experts do it for you.

Hydro-Ax Rental DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

Consider renting a Hydro-Ax for quick underbrush removal, mulching, and chipping. Better yet, let a trained Hydro Ax expert do the removal and mulching for you while you drink lemonade and watch from inside. You won’t have to lift a finger, or risk losing one for that matter.

What Can Our Hydro-Ax Contractors Do?

A hydro-ax can quickly remove thick vegetation, sticks, tree branches, leaves, and bushes and turn them into mulch in minutes. Here’s a breakdown of what you can do if you rent a Hydro-Ax or have a Hydro Ax contractor help clear your overgrown vegetation:

  • Shred thick tree branches into mulch
  • Grind trees into mulch
  • Shred unwanted underbrush into mulch
  • Clear your land 10 times faster than you could by hand
  • Provide usable mulch for your landscaping and gardn
  • Help you lower your carbon footprint

While it’s an amazing invention, Hydro-Axes is basically a portable wood chipper and can still be dangerous if used improperly. That’s why you need a professional like one of the Hydro-Ax contractors from Apex Site Work & Land Clearing to clear, chip, and mulch the overgrowth for you. Give us a call to rent a Hydro-Ax  or get a Hydro-Ax service consultation and estimate in Houston, Texas.


Hydro-Axes were created in 1965 when a young inventor from Minnesota realized mechanizing a process to clear the rights of way for power lines would be much easier than doing it by hand. He created a single-brush model mower attachment to get the job done faster than ever, and, to no one’s surprise, it took off like wildfire. Since 1965, the Hydro-Ax brand has spread far and wide. In 2006, Prentice purchased the Hydro-Ax patent.

The Hydro-Axes we use are made to the highest standard. Do you want to learn more about this powerful underbrush clearing tool? Call +1(281) 706-5616 to speak with Hydro-Ax contractor in Houston, Texas.