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Serving the greater Houston metropolitan area, Apex Site Work & Land Clearing is an experienced excavation services company. Whatever your needs, our skilled excavating contractors have the equipment and experience necessary to complete the job.

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Types of Excavation Our Company Performs

When it comes to excavating companies providing earth work in Houston, you have many choices. Our team of local excavators has a long track-record of performing excavation jobs in a wide range of settings for a variety of purposes, including:

French Drains

Providing a solution for soggy yards, washed-out driveways or wet basements, French drains work by correcting improper water drainage issues and preventing groundwater from collecting in your yard or basement. French drains utilize a system of trenches and pipes to allow water to run away from your property and structures.

Farm Irrigation 

A proper farm irrigation system is a key component of any successful modern farm. From furrow irrigation and graded border irrigation to sprinkler irrigation systems, we can install the right farm irrigation system to make your land productive.

Swimming Pool Excavation

Digging a hole for a new swimming pool may seem straightforward, but when rock or groundwater are hit while digging, the process can become more complicated. Our crew can work with all excavating circumstances to ensure a pool with structural integrity.


Whether you are looking to install a drainage system for your property or you need to lay pipes or electrical cables to bring your building into working condition, digging trenches is a necessary step. Our teams have extensive experience with trenching for all purposes.

Pond Excavation 

Creating a pond on your property can add significant aesthetic value or provide an opportunity for recreational fishing, depending on your purpose. Though digging a pond may seem straightforward, a significant amount of diligence must be performed to ensure that all obstacles and challenges are cleared.

Marina Excavation

The underwater excavating and dredging required to create a marina is a challenging endeavor, requiring skill and experience. Our crews have the track record necessary to create a marina capable of accommodating your boating requirements.

Irrigation Canal Excavation

Allowing water to be transported from its source to land that needs irrigation, irrigation canals are a necessary component of many farming operations. Digging an irrigation canal that will withstand seepage and erosion is challenging and requires experience and knowledge to execute successfully.

Commercial Excavation

From creating access roads and excavating for water mains to grading land and digging for drainage systems, commercial development requires a wide range of excavation services. Our team has experience carrying out all required excavation for commercial development, from start to finish.

Detention and Retention Pond Excavation

Though they work in different ways, detention ponds and retention ponds are both designed to treat stormwater runoff and control potential floods. Essential in areas with heavy periods of rain or snow melt, digging a detention or retention pond can prevent flood damage.

Foundation Excavation 

Proper excavation procedures for constructing foundations require many steps, from ensuring proper site clearance to taking the appropriate safety measures. Our team has experience digging foundations for a wide range of building types.

Embankment Excavation

Creating an embankment to allow a road, canal or railway to traverse low-lying areas is a challenging endeavor and requires understanding the necessary parameters of the planned density, shape and profile grade.

Road Excavation

Roadway construction requires a significant amount of excavation, with removal of material and the creation of a borrow pit often necessary. Our crew understands the multiple steps required in this process, ensuring a smooth and uncomplicated excavation.

Culvert Excavation

Allowing for drainage running underneath a road or other parcel of land, a culvert is a key piece of many drainage systems. Our teams have experience excavating culverts and installing road culvert pipe. Our experience with culvert construction means we understand the necessary materials and techniques needed for digging an effective drainage culvert for dirt roads, farm lands, driveways, and land.

Lake Excavation

Requiring significant heavy-duty equipment, lake excavating can remove silt and sediment build-up and remedy habitat degradation. Such excavation can increase a lake’s storage capacity, decrease evaporative losses and improve drought resistance.

Septic Tank Holes

Necessary for buildings that are not connected to a municipality’s sewer system, septic tanks allow for treatment of wastewater and sewage. Digging a septic tank hole is an important step in properly constructing many new properties.

Excavation Glossary

Unclear about any of the processes or equipment involved in excavating? Learn more about what different excavation jobs entail and what these phrases mean. Click on each term to expand its definition and explanation of excavation tools and techniques.

The small size of a backhoe excavator provides it with versatility, and the hoe on the back combined with the loader on the front of this vehicle make it essential for many excavating jobs.

This type of excavation is utilized on sites where some construction will occur below the ground level. Depending on the size of excavated site, basement excavation can be complex, and supports must be inserted to help define the excavated space.

While excavation typically requires the removal of materials to allow for construction, borrow excavation involves the relocation of materials such as gravel and soil from one site to another. After being removed from the borrow pit (also known as a sandbox), the moved materials can be used as ground fill, for grading, or for mixing with other materials such as concrete.

With its sharp-edged, hard steel plate at the front, a bulldozer is used to cut soil and assist in excavation of soil and weak rock.

A method of excavating underwater, dredge excavation involves the removal of sediment deposits that have accumulated over time. This type of excavation is used in a variety of waterways such as rivers to allow boat traffic to navigate the passage without becoming stuck.

Named for the type of material excavated, this type of excavation involves the removal of muck, a mixture of soil and water. Muck is often undesirable for some reason, whether due to some kind of contamination or because the muck’s water content has rendered an area impassible. Through muck excavation, the muck might be moved to another location or spread out to allow the soil to dry.

Also called cut and fill excavation, stripping excavation is a method used to clear a wide area, usually in preparation for a construction or engineering project. The designated area is cleared of shallow layers of gravel, topsoil, rocks, sand and other materials; in some cases, the land may also be graded in the process.

Also known as a track hoe, this vehicle has a long arm with a digging bucket attached at the end. Able to rotate a full 360 degrees, tracked excavators are used in a wide range of applications including mining and forestry.

As their name suggests, trenchers are used to dig trenches. These machines come in many sizes to accommodate many purposes, and are often used to dig for drainage systems and assist in laying cable and pipes.

Similar to a tracked excavator, a wheeled excavator utilizes wheels instead of tracks and is often used for level ground excavation such as road construction.

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