Do you need someone to prepare a site for residential construction? Want someone to establish drainage patterns for the property? Apex Site Work & Land Clearing will take care of all the dirt-related work to make sure your site is ready for construction. You need an experienced crew who can handle your land based on the climate and weather patterns to make sure the soil compaction can handle whatever comes its way. We’ve seen it all so we can help with it all. Contact Apex Site Work & Land Clearing today to schedule a free consultation for your property.

We can do more than clear the property

When it comes to land preparation, we don’t just clear the way. We can handle an array of services to make sure your site has everything it needs, including:

  • Drainage
  • Detention ponds
  • Land leveling
We will dig the drainage ponds and make sure they are set up to handle storm runoffs caused by construction and land clearing. Call 281-706-5616 today to make sure your Houston, TX land has the proper drainage support it requires.