Apex site work is a local Houston business serving areas in and around Houston (up to 100 miles from downtown). We specialize in dirt road maintenance, dirt road repair, construction, and pot hole repair We have the specific equipment needed to perform these processes at a competitive cost. More importantly the experience to do it right.

Answers to questions on how to best Maintain or Construct a Dirt Road.

Some believe the way to solve problems with dirt roads or unmaintanced aggregate roads is to keep adding base material periodically. For most cases we disagree on this method. Instead we look at it from another angle and try to understand why is the road losing its fullness. After many years of experience we realized that remixing the existing material was a better solution vs. coming back every year to add more dirt or material.

That’s where we differ when compared to other dirt work contractors. Our proprietary process of remixing the existing material solves many issues:

  • The immediate benefit from this process is the massive cost saving to our customers; due to perfection of existing soil and gravel road material.
  • The 2nd most important benefit is reconstituting the material by evenly mixing the aggregate, and grading the dirt road to drain water off properly.
  • The final process involves rolling in the material with a large machine to the proper compaction rate.

Yes, we also Install new Dirt Roads & Aggregate Dirt Road Construction

There are a few very important factors to consider before installing a new road. First we will assess the existing sub-base (natural ground). In most cases we will recommend laying down a geotextile fabric in lieu of stabilization as a very cost affective option to create a barrier and help the road base from penetrating the underlining existing soil. Secondly we will find the proper elevation of the road. Increased elevations will be achieved by installing select-fill soil, which is usually a mixture of sand, soil, and clay to create a strong base. Once we have the proper elevation and solid road base installed we will lay down the aggregate or finish compacted road top. The location of the road will decide the most cost effective dirt road topping by what is available in the area. These options include: crushed concrete, washed limestone, milled asphalt, decomposed granite, hot mixed asphalt, and limestone base (more common in the hill country due to availability). Crushed concrete is Houston TX most popular option due to availability and cost. Lastly when the road aggregate has been installed and graded we will compaction roll the material in with a heavy machine or a smooth drum roller.

Apex Site Work’s Experience saves you Money and Valuable time.

Apex Site Work has the experience and knowledge to provide the proper assessment and construction process for our customers. Our goal is to provide a quality product able to withstand the test of time. Hopefully by now you are able understand there is much more involved in properly constructing a lasting and quality dirt road for your property, and the benefit to contacting the competent earth moving company Apex Site Work. We provide service to The Woodlands, Magnolia TX, Cypress TX, Hockley TX, Sugarland, Galveston, Richmond, Katy TX, Spring TX, and all towns and counties within 100miles of Downtown Houston TX.

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